I’ve Got the POWER!


It is so interesting the word POWER.  So many of us feel very uncomfortable using the word, saying the word or even referring to US as having POWER.  Why is this so?

It has been part of our societal life to connect power to the external.  The POWERS that be, the POWERS beyond us, being over POWERED.   Much of the dialogue and understanding as we have developed over time has placed the word and the emotion of POWER as a force that has control over us.  This is far from what the truth is to be.

Yes in the last few centuries, power has been external.  There have been many leaders, dictators, presidents, prime ministers, ministers, churches, doctors (and the list goes on) that keeps us thinking that power is external and it is a control mechanism. Something outside of us and beyond us.  Again, this is far beyond the truth that is.

Let me share with you the fact that power lies within us.  Power is just another word for strength, spirit, inspiration, intuition, knowing and light.  Just like the word God has many words such as Universe, Infinite Source, Divine, Spirit, Allah, All that is and so on.

Power is a beautiful gift that is ours to hold and share.  It is the light within us that shines.  It is our spark, our gift, our greatness that we are able to share with the world. You see power has nothing to do with the external.  It is when we believe we must give over our light or power to those who wish to lead us as we have been doing for much of our history.  Those are only given so much POWER as we willfully GIVE it to them THROUGH us.

No one is more powerful than another human.  It is what we give them that allows them to feel the power.  To feel the power is to feel uplifted, excited, alive and present.  To feel your power is a gift that is beyond measure. The time is now that we connect with our own power.

Our power is our spark.  It is what fills our hearts with joy.  If you visualise your heart space and see a beautiful golden glow, it is here you hold the feelings of great joy, happiness, inspiration and light.  See your light grow.  See your power shine into the world.  Allow your beauty to be part of our ever evolving world. How do we do this? How do we feel our power? How do we take hold?

We have all heard it before, and here I am reminding you who has connected here. Follow what fills your joyful cup.  Follow those instincts of passion.  What dreams make you feel alive? What gives your heart permission to sing? It is these simple measures that will guide you.

Life is simple.  There is no doubt we have challenges along the way.  This is a given.  But the way we are able to embrace our light, our love within is our true power.  It is our gift.

You have the power within to change your world.  Know that you are a gift to our world.  Your gift is your passion, your excitement, your joy. Embrace your power within.

For your power is the light.

And the light is the way.

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