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About Angie

Angelina Stojic

Angelina’s conscious spiritual journey began over 20 years ago when first diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease. With much research and drawing from her own personal experience over this time, Angelina rediscovered the true healing powers in alternative therapies, mind power, self love and our strength of spirit.

Developing skills with psychic and intuitive abilities, refining information on health, wellness, mind power, energy healing, brain plasticity, cellular reconstruction, light transduction, sound healing and body love to name a few, Angelina’s journey has taken her to a point where she is now working in a public platform speaking to others in relation to health, wellness and the evolution of our lives.

A certified Reiki and Direction Technique™ Practitoner,  Angelina works as an Intuitive Practitioner using skills and abilities developed over her journey whilst also sharing experiences and information as a public speaker in seminars and events around the world.

Her message is that we are our own true healers and wise ones.  We are always being inspired and reawakened by those around us as we all are messengers in this world.  That the POWER of our lives is truly held within the TRUTH of our hearts. To reawaken, reconnect and realign to all that we are is to lead a fulfilled life.  To be true to ourselves first. A true being of light, love and strength.

Encouraging all she meets with acknowledging their greatness within, Angelina’s true passion is to live a fun and simple life with love and pureness sharing her experiences along her journey whilst being inspired by your lives.

“My purpose is to serve all life with love and have fun.” Angelina

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