Is your PRIDE f**king with your flow?


PRIDE – Now this is a very interesting word or belief system/pattern we hold. This word has come up a few times over the last few days and today I had a perfect experience to remind me on how PRIDE can f**k with our flow and make life much harder than it needs to be.

So, at my fav coffee shop today getting my daily dose of caffiene, I noticed that the person serving I had not met. In some conversation I learned that she was one of the owners and only comes in when needed. As time progressed I noticed it was getting quite busy, she was the only one in there and a back up of customers was occurring. A few people had already walked out, so I piped up and said “Can I take some orders for you and help you for a minute?”. Now although she did not know me, I had mentioned in our conversation how often I had been into the shop and that I would love to get back into hospitality which had been part of my life for 10 years. I did not say I would make the coffees, cook the breakfasts or run the shop, just jot down a few orders to help with some of the stress I could see was becoming part of her experience. Her answer was a curt “No thats fine”. Now I had no problem with that. I finished my delectable coffee, wished her well and set about my day.

No explanation needed for that one… but can you see how that f**ked with her flow? Not only would it have helped her out of an intense situation, her customers would have stayed, as a few more walked out, her load would have been lightened, her business would have made more money, and although I may have fumbled my way through taking orders, the customers would have had some service with a bit of a laugh. Simple.

PRIDE can really stand in the way of our own personal progress. This is a very small example, but one that shows how it can stop our flow in growth. PRIDE is but an idea of looking weak, or thinking that needing the help of another is weak. In a sense it is like a child saying “I can do that BY MY SELF.”*pout*

A belief that when another wishes to assist you in your progress or offer a loving gesture to help you flourish, this makes YOU look weak? Is that not weak in itself?

Yes there are definitely times in our lives that we choose to stand alone, become strong in different areas, stand on our own two feet, this is part of our growth too. But look carefully at what it is you reject through pride. For this is what may actually be holding you back.

Quite simply pride stands in the way of LOVE. The flow of LOVE.

I am sure many of us have had an experience where in our relationships with maybe a family member, friend or lover, where there has been a form of miscommunication in some way and fragmented the flow of love. One or both parties assume the stance of ” They are wrong and I am right and that is that” or “They hurt me and I will not say I am sorry first!” type of thing. Why do we do this? PRIDE. We do not wish to be seen as weak. It is a fight or flight, survival mechanism that was put in place when we were very young that we have not addressed. Like clothes in our cupboards, we need to clean out the closet of ways that no longer serve us. And PRIDE has served us well in our lives, as it shows us a way of feeling and blocking love. But do you still need it in your existence? Is it still something you wish to hold on to and continue to experience? To block the flow of love?

PRIDE is pain hidden under a bravado of sorts. Address the pain, the trigger that puts up the barrier of pride. The fear of being hurt again. Address this to open the flow again. Look at your beliefs. Especially the PRIDE belief pattern. Is it truly yours? What is the trigger each time? Do you really believe that holding back your love is a benefit to you or another?

Remember we are all here together on this planet. We help each other. To love each other. Let us not take life too serious. It is far too short to be so stuck in an idea that does not serve you one bit.

In Gods Love, be free to be.

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