Low Iron and Absorption – More than just the food you eat.


Anger, frustration, guilt and regret can hinder iron absorption.

Blood is about life and worthiness, to be worthy of living life to the fullest. Holding on to memory or thought patterns that contain these beliefs create responses in our body that will inhibit the absorption of iron within our system. Hence anemia or low iron count.

As a person who has experienced anemia and low blood for quite a few years, I have been receiving information that the absorption of iron is what is the actual issue I need to look at.  This is not a coincidence  that this is happening at this time in our world and so I am led to share.

My body has been a great teacher over the years, with cancer twice, anemia, car accidents, low blood to name a few.  As a wellness advocate and someone who works with my body each day to understand her better, I am sharing this for you to consider.  I also work with energy, knowing that our body is an energetic system seeking refinement each day which includes our physical body, emotions or feelings, energetic system and inner wisdom.

Low iron is a common factor in a lot of women’s lives at the moment, but have you considered it may not just be low iron intake but the absorption of iron into our systems.  Not only do we lose blood monthly that needs to be replenished, but the actual ABSORPTION of the iron within our system is what needs to be refined.

Allowing ourselves to feel worthy of being a woman for a start is important.  Many cultures view our monthly cycle as dirty.  Even we, as women, have false beliefs and responses relating to this process that actually creates life.  Beliefs that this part of our cycle is dirty, and makes us “less”, can be common thoughts and sometimes we are not even aware we feel that.  Do you have sex on your period?  Do you hide the fact that you have your period?  Do you feel embarrassed when you have your period?beautiful bodies

So our blood, our life blood, is a very important factor in our life.  The iron that we need for our body to function at optimum levels requires the delicate process of absorption of the iron content.

It too is not a coincidence that iron, is one of the greatest or largest minerals found on our earth. Mother Earth. At this time on our planet, many of us are feeling the effects of Mother Earth and her “heart ache” is how I wish to describe it, which notice, is emotional.

It is the time of the feminine.  From Power to Love on the earth.  There is much evolution taking place within many lands and many people. This is just another connection that I have been made aware of.  To help with the absorption of iron within our physical body systems will ultimately help all energy systems including our Mother Earth.

Our kidneys are connected to anger, resentment, guilt and regret.  Much to do with worthiness.  These emotions are attached to iron absorption.  If you are finding you have kidney problems, it is just an indication that you may hold on to some or all of these emotions that hinder iron absorption.  It does not mean if you have low iron you will get a kidney problem, this is just an indication for those that do.  It is just asking you to love yourself.  All the decisions that you have made were perfect for the time and there is nothing you can do for the past.  Surrender and allow the spirit of joy to fill you to replace these other emotions.

We need to love our blood. Love the blood that runs through our veins that keeps us strong and alive.  And most of all love our iron!  Absorption of iron is hindered from feelings of unworthiness, mainly those that the kidney carry.  These are just emotions we punish ourselves with and no one else.  The time is now to give ourselves permission to stop punishing ourselves for our past which hinders our future.

Many women hold patterning within their DNA of the “repressed and obedient” woman.  It is here and now at this time where we have the wisdom to lift and change the way the future unfolds.  With some conscious iron absorption!Red blood cells

I too, acknowledge all the men that may also suffer from low iron.  You are to consider these emotions within your own system.  You may have a higher emotional threshold, or maturity with emotion therefore your response to low iron has made itself known to you.  And if you find it difficult to connect with emotion, then this may be here just to say that you are also an emotional being, so do not ignore that everything within “our systems” will create “our system.”

Remember to listen to the messages of your body.  Of course if you are low in iron, look at foods you eat to raise the level in the physical sense. Research foods that help with iron intake and hinder absorption.

I have found that the sacral chakra is the one that corresponds to old family and tribal patterning, if we go back lifetimes.  So if you are drawn to orange foods, it is also working with the energy of clearing those memories.

Foods that help with iron absorption, such as Vitamin C (orange), is an integral part of this process and the health of our immune system.  So lift the Vitamin C in your diet too.  Then, take that extra step and start to look at yourself on the energetic, emotional and DNA level.Chakra Sacral

Like it or not, our emotions will create within our physical body.  It has been proven scientifically. You can only suppress things for so long until they show up in your physical being.  How many times have we heard or known someone “But he was so fit and healthy to have a heart attack?”

Become aware of how you feel.  You body is a barometer to help you unravel the mysteries of what you hold within your emotions, your heart.  Work together with your amazing body to rediscover the joy of living a life of emotional, physical and spiritual freedom.

Surrender emotions that pertain to hindering your absorption of iron. Absorption of life and living. Notice what it is you may hold onto that is no longer required in you life.  Is there regret?  Is there guilt?  Is there frustration and anger?

If you listen to your body carefully you will get the answers you need and the next steps to take. Step by step we walk with life.  No hurry no competition just being aware of how we feel.

You are a powerful creator of life.  Know that we have the power to help ourselves in many ways.  Allow yourself to experience the beauty of health, body, mind and soul.

In Gods Love




I create


Remember we are all our own healers.  We are able to align with health and healing always.  I am just here to remind you. Here are some ideas to get you started.


  • My body absorbs iron easily.
  • I listen to my body’s messages with love.
  • I know what to do for optimum health.
  • My body is optimum health.
  • It is easy for me to choose food and thoughts that nourish my body.
  • It is easy for me to nourish my body with thoughts of love.
  • It is easy for me to know my body.
  • I am safe in health.
  • I am safe in joy.

Affirmation of Absolution

Place your hands together in prayer pose in front of your heart.

Breathe into your heart space and extend that into your hands.

Know that your breath is the spirit of life and in it contains the pure essence of love.

Know that you are connecting to the healing powers of the universe and allow yourself to be a channel for that healing.

Place your hands just above your kidneys.

“In the glory of life where I stand I thank thee universe/God/Infinite Source, for filling my very being with the Christ Consciousness of healing and health.  With thanks I surrender regret/frustration/anger/guilt now in all space, time and realms.  From point of creation to point of destruction.  I surrender all that no longer serves me that is attached to beliefs, patterns, thoughts and behaviours that hold this idea.  I now surrender in the name of love.  I draw in the infinite colours of healing and life to fill every atom of my being. To shine forth on this new day.

I thank thee, father/God/Infinite Source, for filling me with the spirit of joy.  Giving me the strength courage and power to be all I am.  A creator of life, love and joy.  And so it is, in the name of God/Love/Infinite Source.  Amen/And so it is done.”


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