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Transduction of Light – The New Way

Eyes Transduction of light

Transduction of Light – Channeled Message

And so it is.

It is the time now.  To embrace all that we are. Through sound, light and energy.

We are at an eclipse of unity.  This is a unity that transcends humanity into the next realm of consciousness.  We are all moving, we are all ascending.  The time is now.

It is part of the transcendence and transduction of light that is being infiltrated into the systems of many beings on the earth.  Transduction is part of those who work with light.  It is part of the change.  Part of the growth.  Part of the freedom that will be felt within.

It will be sought. To be transduced by the light through the eyes to transcend into the DNA of what we now hold to reformat and reprogram what has been given to us for so long.

The time is now.

It is now the time for great change and to embrace all that is being presented with you. Patience.  Withhold your anger. Patience is by far the greatest gift you can attain and master.  It is with patience that you will see, feel and know all.


All that is required for all mankind is to trust in their own wisdom, their knowingness.  The messengers that they are drawn to, for they too are messengers to the messengers.

We all have much to give and receive on this planet of plenty.  By no means are we a race that has embraced love and knowingness in the Glory it is known by others.  But we are in process.  Process of patience for the Glory of greatness for there is much for you all to feel and see. To KNOW.

May the faith and trust that you hold within your heart feel the light.  May it shine out and be part of your ever-growing experience.

Trust the transcendence of our race. Trust the transduction of the light into the human energetic system that reverberates throughout the universes to lift the spirit of all.

You know, I know, we all know TRUTH.

It is so.

And it is already done.

In Gods Peace

Go with Love

Allegiance of Light

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