Healing Your Relationship with Money – with Shivaya Reo

Wednesday 28th June 7pm – 9pm

Extraordinary 2 hour program targets blocks that may be impeding an easier flow of money into and through your life.

“Does your relationship with money need healing?Shivaya Reo Promo Picture

A not to be missed opportunity to experience a powerful Neural Pathway Rewiring process will be available next week in Perth presented by Shivaya Reo, The Flow Coach for Entrepreneurs.

You can experience a special NPR session with Shivaya, creator of the process, at the South Perth Community Centre next Wednesday 28 June 7 – 9 pm.

Please Note:  This is an actual transformational session – not a promotional up-selling event.  Group size is intentionally limited to ensure the potency of the process, so grab your place and register now.  Previous event sold out within minutes of being offered.

We would all like more money to flow easily through our lives, right?

But what if, in common with many other people, we have old beliefs and patterns of thought deeply embedded in our nervous system that are consistently sabotaging and undermining all our efforts to enjoy a really healthy and sustainable relationship with money?

Without us realising it, beliefs and emotionally charged concepts and memories can be actively working away in the background exerting a negative influence on our financial wellbeing.  Believe it or not, a healthy and rewarding interaction with money can be had free of damaging trade off choices.

Healthy relationships are one of the eight essential Pillars of Health says holistic minded GP, Dr Joe Kosterich. Aside from those with family and friends, there are many other important relationships that need tending. These include our relationships with time, work, rest and play and ourselves. Plus there is the way we relate to money which can be a source of stress for many.

Prosperity is not a dirty word but a natural instinct fundamental to our Holistic Wellbeing, Linda Byart, Founder of the Holistic WellBeing Institute said in Perth today.

Diet, exercise and stress management are high profile with regard to health but the importance of having a healthy perspective towards money is not included as essential for overall health and wellbeing, she pointed out.

According to Shivaya Reo, if there is any kind of problem with money in your life then it may well be that the root of the problem lies in subconscious perceptions and beliefs that you are not even aware of, rather than in the external factors that usually get the blame.

Cost for a 2 hour intensive therapeutic intervention is normally over $500, however as an introductory gesture Wednesday’s session is being offered to a small group of interested people for just $45.

Buy 2 and get 1 free!  BOOK NOW. LIMITED TICKETS


Medjugorje Tour – 2017

Apparition Hill Medjugorje

Power Peace and Prayer Tour – Guide Angelina

Apparition Hill
Apparition Hill

Medjugorje is a place that has brought peace, insight and comfort to many.
People looking for spiritual healing, physical healing or just to visit a place of pure peaceful energy.

This is not a religious journey, nor do you need to be of a certain faith or culture, but of open heart.

Medjugorje has inspired me and given me peace at times of great obstacles and pain. I have been blessed with family in Medjugorje as my father was born only kilometers away from the town.

It is a place I know, it is a place I love, it is a place I return to fill my heart and would like to share this place I call my second home with you.

Limited places.  Private Tour.

We hope that you have the opportunity to visit if not with Angelina then with others.

For more info visit

Past Events

For the Love of Life!

Online Live Interactive Workshop

Are you getting all serious about spirituality?  All of the what we have to do to be aligned with our true selves!  What about our egos?  Is this a bad or good thing?

For the Love Of Life HeartsThis online workshop seeks to gain clarity with you, your spirituality and joy.  Let us discover some tools together that allows us to align with joy.  With fun.  We are all so caught up in life, let us take some time out and gain some tools to interrupt our monkey mind and start working from our truth.

Inspiring, motivating and fun!  Be prepared to be live and interactive!

Keeping things simple, as this is how I like to live my life.

Let us:

  • Discover the ways you connect with your joy.
  • Find ways to interrupt the mind chatter.
  • Tools to create new neural pathways.
  • Take charge of that auto pilot thinking.
  • Strategies to change the negative default pattern.

Inspiring, motivating and FUN!

Join me and let us reawaken your genius within.

Limited spots. ZOOM Live Workshop.


Mind Body Spirit Festival – Brisbane

17th – 19th March 2017

MBS Festival Brisbane 500

The MindBodySpirit Festival is Australia’s largest, most popular health, wellbeing and natural therapies event and it’s now FREE to visit! See more than 200 exhibitors, attend one of the many free inspirational seminars, book yourself in for a psychic reading, try some body pampering and take a break at the free performance stage. There’s something for everyone!

Angelina will be presenting For the Love of Life! on Saturday and Sunday in the Seminar Series Rooms.  Come and join us and have some fun!


Neale Donald Walsch – Australia 

Neale Donald Walsch Promo400In our world in a current of turbulence, there seems to be so much going on leading to separation and violence. What are we doing wrong? Is the world going crazy? With all this turmoil and grief, what can we do for our world? What can we do for ourselves? How do we make a difference? How can we choose the highest choice for us each day?

Right now more than ever we need to demonstrate ourselves as our highest selves. Each choice we make is that difference between separating or uniting us.

Transformational and expansive, the Conversations with God Author, will be presenting here in Australia for 3 dates only. Asking practical questions with practical ideas, working together with his audience in a time for true spiritual investigation and renewal.

Join us on this life time opportunity and be inspired.

March 2017

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