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This month I dedicate to the beauty of art. To the gift of vision.  To the gift of heart.

I feel honoured to present the works created by Leanne Leam.  I have known Leanne for a few years and as I asked if she had any art to share with our world she had just finished the Pleiades and was starting Andromeda.  Perfect.

So here we share with you the love and beauty of these wondrous places in our galaxy through a beautiful messenger Leanne.

Allow yourself to sit with these.  Breathe them into your heart.  Into your world.  Allow the intention of love that these were made, to touch your spirit.

Seven Sisters - Pleiades By Leanne Leam
Seven Sisters – Pleiades
By Leanne Leam
Andromeda Leanne Leam
Andromeda By Leanne Leam

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