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Letting Go – New Moon Intentions

Butterfly Letting Go

And so it is inspired with the new moon coming up on Friday and with events occurring around me that I am compelled to write about letting go.  There is much to say about letting go, so I will keep it as simple as possible as this is how I like life to be.

There is much happening in our world at the moment, much disaster and destruction, sadness, grief and pain.  There may too, be in your own world, lots of challenges, disturbance or things that may be triggering feelings within you that may be causing pain, anger, or ‘uncomfortable emotion’.  I call it uncomfortable emotion as most of us associate pain, anger, frustration, grief, loss as emotions that we do not wish to experience.  And yes society keeps harping on about the fact that we have to be happy all the time, it is not acceptable to feel these ‘other emotions.’

I too understand,  as I do not like to experience those feelings either BUT they are part of our life journey.  I know, so cliché right!  I even cringe writing it, but I wish to share with you that you are not alone.  We, and I speak for all human kind, understand and with you. Each and every one of us have experienced these so-called uncomfortable emotions at some point.  Life will continue to throw things at us that may cause us to feel pain, anger, frustration, loss, sadness etc.  And so with that I wish to ask you to notice these emotions.  Acknowledge them to yourself and to others. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to FEEL them.  It is perfect and natural.

Look at a situation in your life right now.  Without getting to analytical and in your head, when you think of that situation, what is the first thing you feel?  What is the first feeling that arrives into your heart?  Really notice it.  Feel the feeling.  It is not bad to feel this way.  It is human.

Surrender for Salvationletting go birdsSo with this allow that feeling to swirl around and be part of your experience.  Know it is here you may wish to ask further, what is it I wish to clear in this situation?  And then it is here where you TRUST your intuition, your knowing.  Whatever first comes into your mind or heart know this is your inner spirit talking to you. Or you may just wish to invoke a clearing which is simple and easy such as, “Thank you for showing me what it is that I wish to be aware of at this time.  I am part of a greater plan and understand that life is FOR me.  Whatever is happening in my life now, I KNOW shall pass, and I TRUST that all is well.  I allow myself to clear any memories or emotions connected with this that hold me back and allow love to fill the space with the spirit of joy. It is done”

Letting go is not about giving up, it is about allowing the flow of life.

Know that with words you may invoke a power that is yours to behold.  Your intention is to clear whatever it is that triggers you. To be aware of your feelings that are coming up for you to notice. To be AWARE. There are no rules for how to live life, clear emotions or patterns.  The more you are aware of YOU the more you are able to embrace life and all that comes your way with greater strength drawing upon your own awareness and tools that you have stored.

I know there may be layers and layers to your situation, again be gentle with yourself.  One step at a time.  Rome was not built in a day, so be gentle with all that you do in your life. Be kind to yourself.

Our beautiful feelings are our trigger points.  They show us what we are hiding within that would like to be set free.

It is about surrendering all control to God or Source or the Universe, whomever you wish to call upon.  Surrendering is just saying “Hey God, I am now giving all this to you.  You know what it is that is required for my highest good and for me to step into the flow, so please give me the patience/calmness/breath (or whatever word you wish to place in there) for this all to be resolved, gently and swiftly, in all space-time and realms for the greatest good of all.  I know I have a plan for my life, so I am grateful for your clear guidance each step of the way. And so it is done”  Or just use any words you wish that means something to you, like “Hey God I am over this it is all yours I TRUST that life is on my side so here you are I allow the flow. In deepest thanks. It is done”, so you get the drift.

I also just want to touch on the emotions of grief, loss and letting go of our loved ones. This too is a very important part of our evolution.  It is natural to feel grief, loss and much more when we have a loved one transition.  Losing both parents in 2015 allowed me to feel grief and loss in full over the last few years. So we embrace those feelings. And although years pass, the emotions of the loss will still visit, and it is within these moments we are connecting with an idea of never seeing our loved ones again, a belief pattern that says death is a bad experience as it brings up all those ‘uncomfortable feelings’.  And yes most of us, including me, feel the sadness, devastation and grief of losing a loved one, even though I know they are happy and safe, I do not judge those feelings now, I just allow them like the weather.  I know in time humanity will celebrate our passings and transition as a freedom into eternity with joyful splendor.

Now I know I said I wanted to keep it simple, and I have gone on a little, so here are some simple steps for surrender on the Friday New Moon. A New Moon is always filled with great power to surrender and set intentions for a new way with new wishes.  I have also been informed that this new moon is all about COMMUNICATION.  So just a heads up on what may be ahead.

Remember there are no rules but your own.  The ones that make you feel peace, safe and calm.

  • Light a candle or sit in a quite space
  • Write down all the feelings that you may be facing that you wish to give to Source
  • Feel them as you write
  • End the list with a knowing that all will be taken care of such as “Thank you God for taking care of all this for me, I now give it all to you.  In Gods Love”
  • Breathe in and on your breath out read the list out loud include the end invocation
  • Burn or tear into little pieces and throw away outside or a bin outside
  • Do a shake of your body. Shake it all off ready for the new.
  • Sit and Breathe into your heart space.
  • Write down at least 5 things you are thankful for in your life
  • Set some new intentions or wishes for the coming few months
  • Say a prayer or affirmation of thanks
  • Imagine the sun above you and breathe the light into your heart
  • Allow the breath to fill your entire being growing out from your heart.
  • Smile :)
  • It is done.

I wish to just end this writing with reminding you how powerful you are.  That you have an inner guidance that wants to show you the easy way.  That works with you for your bestest life.  Our feelings are our sign posts showing us that there are things in us that would like to be looked at to help us feel free.  To feel alive and joyful.

If there is great upheaval, sadness in your life right now, that is ok.  I am just here to remind you that this is part of what we came here to do as we move toward a life of joy and freedom.  This too shall pass.  Become more aware of self.  Belief patterns, control patterns, words that you speak, think, ways that you work and react.  There is not judgement of self, just an awareness. We are expanding in so many ways and expansion is visiting each of us.  Many say we fear change, well it is not really change we fear, it is the unknown of a new way.

It is the resistance to a new way that keeps us locked up and expansion that sets us free.

And if you have got to this point and have decided this doesn’t work in real life, I am here to tell you it does.  When you are ready a new way is waiting.Affirmations – I AM Creator

In Gods Love may your journey be filled with joy.




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