From Energy to Matter – The Process of the Stomach Lining

energy and matter

And so here we are at this time discovering new and wonderful things about our body system, energy system and life in general.  I wish to share with you a concept of a process of one of our body systems that is an important part of our creating process.  It is the process of the stomach lining.

We have come to know with research over the years that the stomach is a very important part of health.  Physical, mental and emotional. To have a “healthy gut” is paramount for a healthy life.

The amount of stomach problems that is now part of our world is not a coincidence, as our stress levels grow, and pressure we place on ourselves, so does our health problems. So basically I am here to share with you why it is important to care for our stomach as it is a very important part of our body system and our energetic system.

Firstly what does our stomach do? In general we are told that the stomach secretes acid and enzymes that digest our food.  It seems a simple process but as time has evolved we have discovered with our wonderful technology and research that there is so much more to the stomach that meets the eye.

Digestion is a very big part of the physical process of our body.  Not only does the stomach digest the food, but it processes the nutrients for absorption, segregate toxins, creates proteins and more.  I have provided a link for you to understand the stomach more so if you feel compelled to research more please do. Stomach and Digestion

Now I do have to get a little technical about the body here just so we have an idea of the comings and goings of the body for all those that like a little science. I have added some visuals to help for those people like me who prefer this type of understanding.

(For those that don’t care about this bit and just want to know about the energy of it all, please skip the next two paragraphs and go to the heading Keeping it Simple.)

The stomach is connected to the Vagus Nerve.  STomach Vargus NerveThe Vagus nerve is one of the most important cranial nerves that is labeled as 10th nerve (out of 12 cranial nerves) that exits from the intervertebral foramina of 10th cervical vertebrae. The intervertebral foramina is present between each vertebrae of our spine. The vagus nerve exits at the 10th vertebrae , just behind our stomach. Basically the vagus nerve extends from the brain stem, medulla, to the abdomen. The brain is all about neural impulses, passing on messages to our body via hormones and impulses throughout our systems. Spinal nerves

Vargus Nerve

Nerves connect all parts of the body to and from brain in order to improve immunological, physiological and hormonal functions of the body. Nervous system is highly intricate and each and every nerve supply important sensory and motor information to the relay stations in the brain (neurons) to perform critical activities.

Nervous system

Vagus Nerve also happens to be the longest nerves in the body that innervates the throat, thorax, abdominal muscles and other organs and has several functions, which is why it  is one of the most important parts of our nervous system.

Keeping it Simple.

So the above information was basically to point out that all our body systems are connected.  The nervous system being a very important transporter of our electrical currents or neural impulses is an energy system that has great impact on our health.  Especially our gut.

Our nervous system and all systems are connected in one way or another.  Nothing is separate.  We are a whole human being.

The stomach, which is connected very deeply with our nervous system vagus nerve, is a place of processing, digesting and excreting.  Not only is this place to process the food we eat but our feelings, thoughts and emotions we also “digest.”

The stomach lining is where energy meets matter.

Similar to a cell, the stomach has a lining or a processor.  In a cell, the membrane of the cell is where the information is received from the outside, processed through the membrane into the cytoplasm and then transcribed into the nuclei which creates our existence, current health status and DNA.

The stomach lining does it from the inside out.  Messages come from food, thought, feeling, hormones, impulses which is then processed through the lining, out into our body system to pass on the messages to the rest of the body.

cell basic

It is here, in the stomach, that the thought or feeling you have is actually being transmuted from energy into form within the stomach lining.  It is in the lining that this particular process is happening.  This is where change takes place. Creating, from energy to matter.  From thought, to health or disease.

From thought comes feeling, from feeling comes neural response, from neural response comes neural pathway trigger, from trigger to message via nervous system to the stomach, to the lining, to the body whole.

The stomach lining is the point of transmutation.stomach layers

It transmutes your energetic impulses into matter.

For example, when we have thoughts of fear (energy) they are then transmitted via your brain/mind/  hormones/neural paths etc, which is then passed down through the nervous system into your body into your stomach, processed, digested and then transmuted through the lining in that form. Fear or disease (matter).

So we need to help ourselves and change old forms of thinking and processing life.  And one fabulous way is to eat mindfully.

When it is time to eat, stop and take mindful time to prepare and eat your food.  Be thankful and enjoy each bite.  Allow your body and mind to enjoy the process of eating, helping your body, mind and stomach to process with love and kindness for your body system.

The reason I say eating mindfully is because this is one activity that we HAVE to do.  Taking hold and embracing the time to eat can be a great way to help ourselves, our stomach and our health.  If we can actually eat our food with love, great changes can occur within the body system.

Our stomachs have a great role in our human body.  Many people suffer greatly with their stomach and one of the reasons is that our thought forms and emotions are being processed here.

If we can be aware of how important our body system as a whole is, we will be a much healthier and happier body and human being.

We are, in every sense, the creator of our lives.

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