Master Classes

For the Love of Life!

Rediscovering FUN for an abundant life.

In  world full of too much work and not enough play, Angelina intends for you to have FUN in this workshop.  Rediscover and recreate ways to habituate joy in your life. We are all so unique, therefore we need to look within ourselves and reconnect with that part of us and allow it to be part of our every day life.


This workshop will connect you with tools that will

  • Realign you with your Presence
  • Reawaken your Joy
  • Recreate Neural Pathways
  • Habituate ways to Feel Good
  • Reconnect with your heart
  • Develop your Intuition
  • Understand the Power of Law of Attraction
  • Rediscover your uniqueness

Fun, Motivational, Powerful, Truthful.

1 hour seminar or 3-4 hour workshop

For Bookings please contact us or call 0414 011 069.

 ReAwaken – ReConnect – ReAlign

Understanding your Power in the New World.

In a world full of words like Ascension, DNA light codes, blue prints, galactic federation and New World, Angelina will break down the basics on all that is now being infiltrated into our world.  There are processes in our world and within our own energy systems that are occuring which Angelina will shed light upon for those that wish to rediscover their truth.

This seminar is aligned with:Love - Tone 386hz

  • Discussing wellness, health and healing
  • DNA or Blueprint changes within our energy systems
  • Light, Colour, Energy Healing Frequencies
  • True power in the Law of Attraction
  • Practical Meditation and Ascension
  • 3D  to 5D changes

1 – 2 hour seminar

For Bookings please contact us or call 0414 011 069.

Wellthy Health

Putting you in charge of your Health and Wellness.

What is health and wellness these days?  Who is it that is the boss of your body, mind and spirit? As we move through and discover new ways of healthy living in our world, we are now able to access unlimited resources and ways to wellness. Dis-ease, illness, imbalance in mind, body and spirit we now have the power to choose how we wish to live in health.

This seminar will allow us to rediscover how we wish to lead a life of wellness with the choices we make.Weathly Health

  • Rediscovering our power of choice
  • Listening to our intuition
  • Embracing ALL facets of the health system
  • Western and Alternative medicines explained
  • Being heard and standing our ground
  • Making decisions for our unique systems

1 – 2 hour seminar

For Bookings please contact us or call 0414 011 069.

Meditation Facilitation

A way of peace and calm.

Guided meditations specifically designed for your group we will centre into our peace.  A perfect way to gain calm in times of stress or upheaval, this facilitation allows you to take time out.

I will also share ways to centre ourselves in our every day living to help balance our days.

Scientifically shown, regular bouts of meditation can benefit our lives dramatically.

With the help of our modern technology, it is easy to see how our brain waves are affected before , during and after meditation.



  • Reduce the affects of anxiety and stress
  • Improve physical, mental, emotional health
  • Increases creativity
  • Creates focus
  • Helps centre our thoughts in crisis

1 hour Meditations

For Bookings please contact us or call 0414 011 069

Intuitive Readings

Messages of health and wellness for the present.

Trained in various complimentary therapy modalities including Reiki and Direction Technique, Angelina’s has developed the ability to receive information for their health and well being at the present moment in time.Lights Of Human Mind

Working together with energetic systems, sound and tones, Angelina becomes a pure channel for messages and healing energies that wish to come through for each person.

Available for private sessions or public events.

1 hour

For Bookings please contact us or call 0414 011 069



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